Providing used oil analysis: Focused on Amateur racers, by an amateur racer


Sample kits are offered with the Initial Kit and the Supplemental Kit. 

Initial Kits will provide two sample bottles, one bottle for your used sample and one bottle for a new, unused sample of the oil you are using. This allows us to have a fresh starting sample to compare your old oil against to offer the best analysis we can.

Supplemental kits are for your continued testing needs once we have your initial baseline to work from. These will contain a single sample bottle for just your used oil. If you decide to try new oils, we recommend getting the initial kit for that new fluid for a new baseline. 

Initial Kits   $45

Supplemental Kits  $35

These prices include shipping to you. Typical USPS return shipping should be between $6-$8 depending location. 

Payments can be made via PayPal at racersoilanalysisresource@gmail.com after sending us an email with your request and we can issue an invoice.